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Wine and Health

The average daily consumption of red wine act protective and preventative against coronary disease and many cancers. This is due to the tannins in red wine act as antioxidants.
There are also ingredients in grapes and wine (especially red, and grape juice, tea, but not in white wine) with resveratrol and quercetin names that strengthen the immune system, protect against heart disease, inhibit carcinogenesis and prolong life expectancy. A recent (2004) study put forward by the American Journal of Physiology shows that reservatrol prevent the development of a protein that leads to disease cardio fibrosis, which decreases the pumping ability of the heart when it is most needed, ie in cases of stress.
υγεια και κρασι

Elixir of Youth
A Harvard study on factors affecting aging (journal Nature, 8 May 2003) showed that reservatrol extend the life of cells and acts as anti-aging.

The wine can sustain and protect the mental functions of elderly people. Many studies have provided evidence that regular moderate alcohol consumption can prevent or delay the development of degenerative brain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Other studies have shown that drinking wine reduces the risk of peptic ulcers, and relieve the body from bacteria that cause them. In contrast, excessive consumption of wine and a simple alcohol increases the risk of formation of digestive ulcers.

In conclusion, as demonstrated by more than 400 studies worldwide, many of them long and large samples, basically healthy people who consume moderate amounts of wine regularly live longer. Women only exception to the period before menopause, you should not consume any alcohol, because risk of breast cancer.

The main beneficial factors in wine consumption have been proves to be measure and regular consumption. We (the friends of wine) we can add us, "and the pleasure" ... Because, apparently, wine is one of the few products that offer man SIMULTANEOUSLY pleasure and good health!

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