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Lion of Nemea

In Greek mythology, "Leon of Nemea" was a lion living in Nemea region spreading nothing but fear. He was a descendant of Tyfoon and Exhidna or Orthrou and Chimera. There is also the view that fell from the moon and was a descendant of Jupiter and Moon. The unbeaten this beast was killed by Hercules in the first of his 12 labors. Leo had a very tough skin, which could not be pierced by any gun. Hercules in the beginning used his bow and sword, but without any luck.


Eventually he fought with bare hands with the beast and drowned. Goddess Athena recommended him to use the teeth of the animal itself, as Hercules did, finally managing to get the skin and used it to covere his shoulders. He had thus an armor, that no homicidal enemies arrow could penetrate.

nemea temple

Ancient temple of Nemea


Our hero wore the fleece of the animal and took it to Eurystheus to tell him he performed the first mission. As soon as Eurystheus saw Hercules entering, he was so terrified thinking that it was the Lion itself, and hide himself inside a jar.Hercules kept the fleece and always wore it as armor, the famous "leone". The dead body of Leo was moved from the gods in the sky and formed the constellation of Leo.

lion stars



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